Systems Design and Integration (SDI) Team

The SDI team makes dreams a reality and deals with physical implementation (mechanical, electrical, and thermal) of simulated systems! The System Design and Integration (SDI) subteam is the group responsible for CAD modeling of the new components that will need to be integrated into the vehicle.

They are responsible for modeling and understanding the impacts of any modifications to the stock vehicle frame, designing new components to integrate new hardware, and manufacturing and installing the new hardware into the vehicle.

People working on the LYRIQ

Mechanical Design

Responsible for designing components in mechanical CAD and performing FEA to meet competition waivers and team requirements of manufacturing and implementing the concept for a running vehicle.

SDI Team Member working

Testing and Integration

Responsible for designing, conducting, and aiding in the post processing of data that is collected from tests revolving around the vehicle’s hardware and software. Point of Support for all ENG sub team tests.

You Can:

  • Work on Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical integration of a new propulsion system into a production Cadillac LYRIQ
  • Introduce new hardware into the vehicle and make it work with a team of talented engineers!
  • Perform advanced simulations and analysis to understand feasibility and risks related to vehicle design